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Brightport is your project book on your desktop and smartphone

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For your team to function effectively you need early transparency and great collaboration

So you need all project related information and communication always in one place from start to finish

Make decisions, administrate tasks and execute all from one place

Your responsibility is to make precise decisions and execute on them

Brightport will eliminate time lost, uncertainity and is empowering

Flexible planning and status "at a glance"

Today's team must react to challenges that require different approaches to stay on course

In Brightport you can plan and reach key milestones by completing your "line of fire" tasks in the way you know best

Brightport - essential and used by you and your team

It will empower and help you gain time to do more of what you want - isn't that what we all want?

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it's free for you and low cost for teams

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“Brightport makes my day easier because it helps me push the tasks I have delegated to the subcontractors. When the meeting is finished, all the participants know what and when they are going to deliver – No waiting for the minutes to be sent by mail.”

- Morten Hagen

Construction Engineer

Forny AS is a company in the Backe Group, one of Norway’s largest construction groups. Forny AS specialize in environmentally sound renewal of buildings. Forny believes that focusing on project execution and learning is what it takes to succeed with their goal to achieve a Project World.

"Brightport brings the best solution for a hands-on easy to use minutes to keep track of all agreements and actions happening in a meeting. With easy access and delegation of actions this system saves time and cost in projects."

- Per Svarverud

Managing Director

PSV Consulting is a specialist company in Document Management Systems and implementation of such in Oil & Energy companies and projects.

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