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    Simplify the way you collaborate in processes and projects

    Solid transparency, for everyone.

Brightport helps teams manage work and meet deadlines, and build a culture of transparency and work better together.

We want Small and Medium businesses a way to s collaborate efficiently internally and with external partners, in projects and in line operation. without having to invest in complex and time consuming projects. A goal for us was to make an easy to use platform with a set of integrated tools that can be used out of the box. 

  • Engage your Team, Business Partners, or Customers

    Run awsome meetings and augment the collaboration

  • Brightports speciality is in projects that span your company boundaries, involving clients or partners.

    All two often project information is split up over legacy systems or not available to the collaboration process.

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  • Essential functionality

    These are the modules of Brightport.  Hereafter you have a one-stop-shop for vital functions of any project or operation you are into.

  • Meeting Management

    You probably have a love and hate relationship to meetings. Run only the best meetings. Effective meetings are vital to projects and operations

  • Information managment

    Ease access to information. Make finding relevant content effective and simple for all people of your collaboration

  • Task Management

    Delegate or stay on top of your responsibilities. Simple non-intrusive and effective task-management. Establish tasks right from within your meetings

  • Manage the process

    Use our super simple process to chunk your project into its main phases, stages and milestones. With the simplicity of a checklist.

  • Decision Management

    Track your decitions. Anchor them within the project. Make it visible. Doubt is the killer of project momentum.

  • Milestones

    Setup your main milestones and track progress

  • Get Your Free Consultation

    Add a line that tells users how easily they can get in touch with you.

  • Working towards shared goals in Brightport

    Easily orient your team towards your key milestones. Whilst planning is a key role in enabling successful execution. We all know that for in most business cases need ad-hoc adjustments and day to day problem resolution. Make sure you have a system that supports these dimensions of your project tool. This is the unseen stuff that does not make it into Gantt-charts.

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